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Job FunctionCorporate Services - Admin
Reference Number001/55
Advertisedone year ago
Experience Required0 to 2 years
Minimum QualificationGCEO/ SPM
Job description

Provide administrative and operational support and assist supervisor to ensure smooth operations.

• Handle day-to-day general queries from shelter residents

• Assist in the admission and orientation of new shelter residents

• Attend to general enquires on shelter (Internal/External parties)

• Provide administrative and operational support in overall shelter operations

• Collect statistics for monitoring and evaluation of activities and programmes of the shelter

Administrative & Operational Support

• Perform and assist in data entry for client and operational records

• Collect and maintain records of payments from clients for shelter fees and utilities

• Maintain records of financials, postages, distribution of rations/assistance to shelter residents, including inventory of in-kind donations

• Support the maintaining of security, health and safety of the shelter environment

• Assist in admission/discharge and orientation of residents

• Access shelter units for maintenance checks, perform minor maintenance repairs and/or contact repair persons for necessary maintenance

• Enforce shelter rules and conduct shelter inspection for compliance with shelter rules

• Manage general disputes that may occur between co-living shelter residents

• Liaise with external stakeholders and AWWA HQ departments for the smooth operations of AWWA TS.

• Support Assistant Manager – Operations in guiding and mentoring the operations team.

• Respond to incidents within shelter units, such as de-escalating crisis situations and notify Operations Head / Centre Manager for next action step


• To support in TS wide programmes

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