Officer, Admin and Operations at AWWA Ltd Show Job Information

Job FunctionCorporate Services - Admin
Reference Number001/55
Advertisedone year ago
Experience Required0 to 2 years
Minimum QualificationGCEO/ SPM
Job description

Provide administrative and operational support and assist supervisor to ensure smooth operations.

• Handle day-to-day general queries from shelter residents

• Assist in the admission and orientation of new shelter residents

• Attend to general enquires on shelter (Internal/External parties)

• Provide administrative and operational support in overall shelter operations

• Collect statistics for monitoring and evaluation of activities and programmes of the shelter

Administrative & Operational Support

• Perform and assist in data entry for client and operational records

• Collect and maintain records of payments from clients for shelter fees and utilities

• Maintain records of financials, postages, distribution of rations/assistance to shelter residents, including inventory of in-kind donations

• Support the maintaining of security, health and safety of the shelter environment

• Assist in admission/discharge and orientation of residents

• Access shelter units for maintenance checks, perform minor maintenance repairs and/or contact repair persons for necessary maintenance

• Enforce shelter rules and conduct shelter inspection for compliance with shelter rules

• Manage general disputes that may occur between co-living shelter residents

• Liaise with external stakeholders and AWWA HQ departments for the smooth operations of AWWA TS.

• Support Assistant Manager – Operations in guiding and mentoring the operations team.

• Respond to incidents within shelter units, such as de-escalating crisis situations and notify Operations Head / Centre Manager for next action step


• To support in TS wide programmes

Job Requirements


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CV & Documents

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1. Curriculum Vitae / Resume
2. NRIC (front and back)
3. All educational qualifications certificates
4. Registered Social Worker certificate
5. Bank Account Statement (show your bank account name and number)
6. Marriage Certificate (if any)
7. Child’s Birth Certificate (if any)
8. Passport size photograph in JPG version only based on the following details for us to process your staff pass

Digital photo image file must adhere to the following specifications:
  • in colour against plain white background
  • taken within the last 6 months to reflect current appearance
  • photo presents the full head from top of hair to bottom of chin and centre the head within the frame
  • facial features are clearly evident in the photo (show the full face directly facing the camera with a neutral facial expression with both eyes open)
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