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Job FunctionEarly Intervention Teaching
Reference Number001/46
Advertised6 months ago
Experience Required3 to 5 years
Minimum QualificationBachelor's Degree
Job description

Primary Objectives of Position:

Facilitate the appropriate identification and provision of support by working towards the aim of the programme in providing targeted learning support and therapy intervention in-class support to preschool children with mild developmental difficulties within their regular preschool setting, to ensure that each child’s potential is maximized. He/She also supports the building of capability and capacity within the early childhood landscape.

Job Responsibilities:

Overall Responsibilities

1.To be responsible in coordination with preschools and their teachers in identification and recommendation of appropriate support for preschool children.

2.To be responsible in providing the learning support and developmental support needs of the clients in the programme.

3.To be responsible for the coordination of the support services within the school environment for the clients on the programme.

4.To be a collaborative team player of a trans-disciplinary team.

Principal Responsibilities

1.To collaborate with preschools and conduct trainings (e.g., Teacher’s Briefings) to preschool teachers on proper identification of children with mild developmental needs for referral to the programme.

2.To gather information and conduct screening by using a series of standardized screening tools, assess the needs of the child and recommend the most appropriate support for identified clients to be enrolled into the programme.

3.To assist enrolment of child into the programme by providing updates of screening outcomes and recommendations to parents/ caregivers and school personnel during Parent Teacher Meeting - Screening Updates (PTM-SU).

4.To develop Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and deliver learning support packages based on the needs of the child in the area of language, literacy, social skills and fine motor skills.

5.To support children’s academic, developmental and social integration in mainstream education through in class support by collaborating and problem solving with Teachers and DSLS Therapist team.

6.To support teachers and parents to work towards the goals as discussed and agreed in the IEP.

7.To liaise with parents/ caregivers in providing continuous learning and skill development of children through the provision of home-based learning programmes.

8.To review children’s learning progress, goals and family outcomes and effectively shares them to teachers and caregivers.

9.To liaise with Principals, Vice-Principals, Teachers and Supervisors to share information/ conduct workshops/ in-service training with them for public awareness and capacity building.

10.To maintain and keep records of all clients assisted.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education / Qualifications

Relevant diploma in ECE* with a Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Learning Support (SDELS)**

*Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Teaching) and DECCET

**Suitable candidates without SDELS will be sponsored to undergo SDELS

Minimum Years of Relevant Experience

2-3 years working experience in the early childhood sector


Good understanding of preschool landscape and developmental milestones in all domains

Good Time management (e.g., scheduling)

Ability to use Microsoft Office applications (e.g., Excel, Word, MS powerpoint, etc)

Attributes (functional or leadership competencies)

Good communication skills, articulate in both written and verbal

Good interpersonal skills, approachable, open-minded & calm (ability to work under pressure)

Value integrity with a good sense of responsibility

Nurturing and enjoys working with young children

Able to build positive rapport with children and different stakeholders

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