Speech and Language Therapist (Early Intervention Centre / Community Integration Service) at AWWA Ltd Hide Job Information

Job FunctionTherapy
Reference Number001/44
Advertised8 months ago
Experience Required1 to 3 years
Minimum QualificationBachelor's Degree
Job description

We are looking for Speech and Language Therapists to be a part of our dynamic trans-disciplinary team of Allied Health Professionals which comprises Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, and (Associate)/Psychologist. The team provides a range of rehabilitative and intervention programs to support our client's ability to participate in the home and community.

  • Assess and identify the individual needs of clients and formulate, develop and implement appropriate individualized/ group therapy programmes
  • Apply evidence-based practices in the intervention programme for clientsKeep updated of development and research in areas pertaining to Speech and Language Therapy.
  • Be part of the transdisciplinary team of therapist, social workers and psychologist in the programme
  • Conduct workshops and training for both internal and external stakeholders
Job Requirements
  • Recognized Degree/Master in Speech and Language Pathology (listed in https://www.healthprofessionals.gov.sg/ahpc/apply-to-be-a-registered-allied-health-professional/lists-of-recognised-qualifications)
  • Registered with the Allied Health Professions Council in Singapore as Full Registrant

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