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Job FunctionEarly Intervention Teaching
Reference Number001/288
Advertised21 days ago
Experience Required0 to 2 years
Minimum QualificationGCEO/ SPM
Job description

Primary Objectives of Position

To work towards the aim of EIC, which is to empower and maximize the potential for independence and improve the quality of life of children with special needs, by providing quality early intervention services through a trans-disciplinary approach, family-centered practices, and holistic outcome measurement system.

The Teacher Assistant is responsible for providing quality early intervention through education and learning in the EIC, thereby promoting and maintaining standards of excellence in the service delivery model to create positive clients outcomes.

Job Responsibilities

  • To maintain the standards of service delivery in the EIC.
  • To report to the EIC regularly and attend classes, meetings, trainings, and events punctually.
  • To support Early Intervention (EI) teachers in preparing developmentally
  • appropriate teaching materials and resources to create quality natural learning environments.
  • To assist in the delivery of lessons by adopting suitable teaching and learning approaches to embed children’s functional goals in daily activities.
  • To assist in the implementation of appropriate classroom management strategies to manage a group of diverse learners.
  • To clarify or consult any matters pertaining to the classroom with the EI teacher-in-charge.
  • To update and maintain daily records of each child’s daily attendance in the salesforce system and absenteeism forms. Record keeping includes any other forms related to teaching and learning which are to be completed and submitted whenever necessary.
  • To assist in documentation work (i.e. typing, photocopying, distributing, etc.) related to Pre, as well as actual Parent-Team Conference (PTC) and other child-related matters.
  • To be responsible in assisting all matters pertaining to the administration, intervention, caregiving and safety of the children.
  • To assist in maintaining regular communication with parent(s) or guardian(s) through the communication book, emails, telephone calls, or any other functional means.
  • To maintain health, safety, hygiene standards and procedures, and implement the appropriate course of action to protect and support children to create safe learning environments.
  • To attend meetings, discussions, training, workshops, functions, and events as and when deemed necessary and fit for operations and professional development.
  • To provide administrative and logistical support for the outreach activities and community initiatives to create awareness of services provided by the center.
  • To maintain confidentiality at all times with regard to all matters pertaining to the children, families, and staff.

Other Responsibilities

  • To assist in ad-hoc projects/committees as and when required by the Head Teacher, Centre Manager, and/or Senior Centre Manager.
  • To perform any other duties as directed by the EIC Director. To perform ad-hoc assignments as and when directed by Head Teacher, Centre Manager, and/or Senior Centre Manager.

The above activities are by no means exhaustive and are subject to amendment whenever needed.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements

  • Minimum GCE O Levels
  • Able to work well in a team
  • Loves working with young children with additional needs
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Prior experience in teaching assistant positions will be advantageous

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