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Job FunctionProgramme
Reference Number001/286
Advertisedone month ago
Experience Required1 to 2 years
Minimum QualificationNITEC
Job description
  • Check and ensure cleanliness of residents’ rooms on a daily basis.
  • Assist frail residents (assessed to fall under Category II under the Enhanced Resident Admission Form) with room cleanliness, washing of laundry, as well as their personal grooming, if required.
  • Ensure timely report of faulty equipment or items in residents’ rooms to the Home’s Facilities team.
  • Responsible for preparation/purchase and distribution of meals (breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner).
  • Clean the Home’s common spaces (e.g. kitchen, laundry room) and refrigerator on a daily basis and ensure proper clean-up (includes sweeping, mopping, cleaning of table tops, washing of utensils and disposing rubbish) after each use.
  • Conduct bi-weekly checks on all common refrigerators and kitchen to replenish and properly dispose all expired food.
  • Escort residents to hospitals and polyclinics for medical appointments whenever necessary.
  • Support the execution of programmes, including basic physical exercises, food preparation and accompanying residents for outings, to engage residents.
  • Ensure residents’ confidentiality is maintained through adherence to organisational Personal Data Protection Policy and national Personal Protection Data Act (PDPA) and regulations.
  • Adhere to organisational and service Standard Operating Procedures and service requirements at all times.
Job Requirements
  • Minimum Secondary School education
  • Able to read and write simple English
  • Passion to help the elderly
  • Able to work independently
  • Attention to details.

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