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Job FunctionCommunity Partnership
Reference Number001/282
Advertisedone month ago
Experience Required2 to 3 years
Minimum QualificationBachelor's Degree
Job description

Plan, execute, monitor and evaluate Community Partnership’s strategy, through a myriad of programmes, initiatives, activities and campaigns

Volunteer Management

• Maintain and grow volunteer base through outreach to individuals, community-based groups, and large corporates

• Implement volunteer management policies, practices, and processes

• Execute and evaluate volunteer publicity and recruitment efforts, orientation, training, volunteer recognition and engagement activities

• Assess in-house requirements for volunteers, and evaluate the effectiveness of volunteers/volunteer partnerships

• Manage volunteer database and prepare timely and consolidated progress reports on budget and statistics

• Be the custodian of the Volunteer inbox, relevant EDMs, and Telegram channel

• Ensure that volunteers are matched with suitable opportunities that are in line with their interests/skills so as to increase positive volunteer experiences

• Support efforts to drive volunteer-to-donor conversion

The above activities are by no means exhaustive and are subjected to amendment whenever is needed.

Job Requirements

• Two to three years of professional work experience

• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

• Ability to work with different stakeholders (both internal and external) at different levels, and curate/tailor appropriate messages and volunteer experiences

• Solid storytelling skills with the ability to sell a cause with conviction

• Some experience with social media

• Simple design skills for clear communications collateral/assets are a plus

• Good situational judgement and critical thinking skills

• Passion for social impacts and outcomes

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