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Job FunctionNursing
Reference Number001/254
Advertised2 months ago
Experience Required2 to 3 years
Minimum QualificationProfessional Diploma
Job description
  • To provide personal and social care to residents according to their needs in accordance to ADH Philosophy of Care.
  • To support and encourage the wellbeing of residents, and identify any changes that may be required in the care and support provided. To record and report these changes to the clinical team.
  • Monitoring and reporting of vital signs, weight and monthly monitoring of glucose level, and changes in psycho-social status
  • Make frequent rounds to check residents’ condition
  • Turning residents at night to change their sleeping positions.
  • Change the residents who are incontinent.
  • Help the residents to bed at rest time and bed time.
  • To ensure that each resident is empowered to be at the forefront of decision making that affects their daily life within the environment, and encourage them to maintain engagement with relatives, friends and the local community
  • Administer prescribed medication in accordance with ADH procedures.
  • Assist residents with their prescribed oral medications (under instructions from the Nurse in-charge)
  • Assist residents with all activities of daily life (eg. personal hygiene and grooming, feeding, transfers, toileting)
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness of living environment of residents
  • Implement infection prevention and control activities
  • Accompanying residents to hospitals and polyclinics.
  • Engage resident in day to day activity as per Home schedule
  • Attends to emergencies as and when the need arises
  • Simple application of ointment/cream and simple dressing for residents.
  • Support with the induction and training of new staff
  • Attend and contribute of briefings and meetings
  • Attend all mandatory training sessions/courses necessary to perform these duties and CPD as required to maintain knowledge and best practice.
  • Other Responsibilities
  • Provide coverage of duties of Heathcare Assistant when required
  • Report issues requiring general repairs and maintenance in the wards
  • Assist and escort residents in community engagement, including medical appointments and other community activities
  • Perform any other duties as directed by the Program Head/Director/CEO
Job Requirements
  • Minimum GCE ‘O’ Level or ITE or equivalent
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a good team player with the ability to work and collaborate well across all levels
  • Resourceful, adaptable to changes and able to think on the feet
  • Able to communicate effectively with clients.
  • Computer Literate
  • Good team player, self-motivated and service orientated

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